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How Can You Benefit?

  • Missing teeth? You’re not alone. 3 out of 10 Americans are missing teeth, and 20% of adults over the age of 65 suffer from complete tooth loss.
  • Dislike using your dentures? Over 1/3rd of denture wearers say dentures limit their ability to live life to the fullest due to fitment issues and mess associated with glues.
  • Been told implants aren’t an option for you? Versus traditional implants, mini dental implants require less space and less bone structure.
  • Wish your denture stayed in better? We can make you a snap in denture that stays in place without the hassle of denture glue.
  • Hate your denture completely? We can make permanent teeth that cement onto mini implants. Get rid of the denture and taste your food again!
  • Just missing a couple teeth? Want to get rid of your flipper or partial? We can replace just one tooth or 10 teeth, you decide! No incisions, no stitches, no surgery!


Mini dental implants offer the latest in tooth anchoring technology, while being a lower cost and minimally invasive alternative to traditional implants. Click here to learn more!

GSK “The Biting Into Denture Care” survey, 2015

About Our Practice

Dr. Regan Ackerman, DMD, and her staff welcome you to the Mini Dental Implant Center of Louisville, Kentucky! Click to learn more about us.


  • Committed to care. You are our number one priority. The procedures we offer use a minimally-invasive surgical technique with a short healing time. We want you to leave happy and smiling!
  • Experienced. With over 60-years of combined experience in dentistry, you can trust our staff to offer the best treatment.
  • Options to suit your needs. We offer several options depending on the smile you want to achieve. We treat each of our patients with the highest respect and privacy and we offer several financing options.


Mini dental implants offer the latest technology, while being a lower cost and minimally invasive alternative to traditional implants. Click here to learn more!

Amazing Success Stories

“Smile, it’s free therapy.” – Douglas Horton

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and we believe so is a smile. Please enjoy the before and after photos and videos linked below. And, remember to check the customer feedback on Google and our social media pages, or leave your own!


Cheryl Pence
Cheryl Pence
18:08 21 Oct 17
I had a surgical implant last year by another dentist which was a nightmare. They also wanted to put in another implant on the top, but said I needed a sinus lift and more bone put in. Not wanting to go through that torture, I went to see Dr. Stroud which didn't need to do a sinus lift or put in more bone. He numbed the area(didn't hurt), put two pins in (didn't hurt) and was finished in less than 30 minutes. A few weeks later, he cemented the tooth on.(didn't hurt) That took about ten minutes. I highly recommend mini implants!
Jacqueline Dunaway
Jacqueline Dunaway
21:19 01 Aug 16
After researching mini implants and visiting several dentists who wanted to preform expensive surgeries, I found Dr. Stroud. The entire process was smooth and simple with no surgery and minimal pain. The outcome left me feeling confident with my new beautiful smile. Dr. Stroud was wonderful and I would recommend anyone going to him for dental implants.
12:59 16 May 16
I wish I had this years ago! Way better than a regular implant! Top notch Dr. and staff. Smooth, easy, fast, and nearly painless. Thanks!
David Schmidthuber
David Schmidthuber
19:19 25 Aug 16
The implant i just received was one of the easiest (and painless) dental experiences i've ever had. Dr. Stroud took the time to answer all questions that i had regarding the procedure, risks, and follow up. He IS the professional in this area for this type of procedure and displayed compassionate and caring professionalism throughout the initial consultation, implant insertion, and crown placement. I would recommend anyone interested in implant technology should consult with Dr. Stroud and his kind staff.
alex stevenson
alex stevenson
18:54 05 Jan 16
1/5/2016 Just had the crown put on mini implant, wasn't there more then 10 minutes, no pain or discomfort. I had to look in the mirror to see which tooth it was, cant tell the difference between implant & real teeth. His office is comfortable not stuffy, the staff is nice as well as Dr. Stroud. I chose him because of his A+ rating with BBB & years of experience. Alex Stevenson
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