Here are just a few of the effects of missing teeth

Medical and Dental Effects Associated with Missing Teeth

  • The link between the loss of teeth from gum disease and the increased risk of stroke and heart attack has been well researched.  When the teeth are lost, the damage the gum disease created doesn’t go away.  The body has been permanently weakened.

  • Research at the University of Maryland Department of Nutrition shows that the “dietary quality and intake of certain nutrients was poorer among the group with self-perceived ill fitting dentures than those with natural teeth or will fitting dentures”.

  • A recent study out of London found that food “rich in nutrients like nuts, apples and raw carrots could not be eaten easily for over 50%” of people with dentures.

  • Research at the University Dental School in Ireland showed patients “reported a significant improvement in satisfaction and health related quality of as did patients who received” traditional dentures.

The importance of teeth has been well documented and Dr. Charles Mayo, renowned researcher who the world known Mayo Clinic is named for,  was a huge advocate for oral health and its impact on total body health.
He stated way back in 1933, “The presence of dental health is important. Dentistry is distinctive health services and can extend human life ten years.”

10 years!!  10 years we are cheated out of when dental disease is present in our mouths.  10 years we are cheated out of when we are missing teeth.


Research Shows Us That There are Also Emotion Effects of Missing Teeth

  •    Sadness or Depression associated with the loss

  •    Lowered self-confidence

  •    Poor self-image, dislike of appearance

  •    Holding hands over mouth out of fear your dentures will fly out

  •    Hiding the secret of having tooth loss

  •    Decrease or total avoidance of social situations

  •    WRINKLES and LOOKING YEARS OLDER than you really are

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