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Louisville Mini Dental Implants - Improve Your Tooth Function And Chewing Ability

You can improve your tooth function and chewing ability by getting mini dental implants - dentists in Louisville, Kentucky can help you get your implants. Mini dental implants improve your tooth function and chewing ability by replacing missing teeth in your mouth with a tooth replacement option that is incredibly natural - Louisville dentists can tell you exactly how mini dental implants work. Dental implants are basically metal root replacements that dental crowns are then attached to the top portion of the implant.<<Click to Read More>>

Restore Confidence with Mini-Dental Implants - Louisville Implant Dentistry, Kentucky

If you are missing teeth, then you are probably suffering from a lack of confidence when it comes to speaking or eating in public or even simply laughing in public. If so, then an implant dentistry professional in Louisville, Kentucky can help you restore confidence with mini-dental implants - you will feel like you have real teeth again and will be able to speak, eat, and laugh whenever you want to.<<Click to Read More>>

7 Reasons Why Smart Patients Choose Implants

Today's Dental Implants are designed and shaped like teeth. This creates the stability needed to have much stronger bite that stay in place and don't move around.<<Click to Read More>>

The Benefits of Implants Versus A Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

There are physical, emotional as well as cosmetic damages from the effects of losing teeth.

When a tooth is lost, the teeth around it and opposite of it begin to shift because the space holder is gone. Our teeth and jaws want to shift and move until they hit something else, just like those bumper cars at the amazement park. And just like those bumper cars, when teeth shift, it isn't in a controlled, straight motion. They will lean forward, tip, and rotate. When a bottom tooth is lost, the teeth opposite of it on the top will even drop down and hang lower than the other top teeth.<<Click to Read More>>

Missing Teeth - Causes and Replacement Options

Are you suffering from missing teeth? There are numerous causes and even replacement options for missing teeth. Some of the causes of missing teeth may be congenital defects, cavities, and even poor dental hygiene that resulted in losing your teeth. Some of these replacement options may be dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, and even dentures.<<Click to Read More>>

Treatment for Crowded Teeth - Louisville Implant Dentistry

Though many times people think of braces as treatment for crowded teeth - Louisville Implant Dentistry now offers alternatives to braces. Through a few teeth removals and a couple of teeth implants, Louisville Implant Dentistry was able to find a viable treatment for crowded teeth - an alternative to big old clunky braces and painful orthodontist visits.<<Click to Read More>>

Dental Crowns - Louisville kentucky KY

Crowns are basically caps or dental restorations that are fitted over teeth to change their appearance. Dental crowns can be made of several materials including porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, ceramic and gold alloys.<<Click to Read More>>


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