Why mini dental implants?


Why Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are the latest technology in dental implants. While being smaller than full implants, they are as strong and durable. And, because of the smaller size they can be installed in tighter spaces or where bone loss has occurred.
  • Wish your denture stayed in better? We can make you a snap in denture that stays in place without the hassle of denture glue.
  • Hate your denture completely? We can make permanent teeth that cement onto mini implants. Get rid of the denture and taste your food again!
  • Just missing a couple teeth? Want to get rid of your flipper or partial? We can replace just one tooth or 10 teeth, you decide! No incisions, no stitches, no surgery!

Mini, but mighty!

Small in name and size, mini dental implants offer big reasons to learn more such as:

  • Quick installation and recovery: in some cases we can place your teeth in one day.
  • Greater stability and support: options to support single tooth crowns, stabilize removable dentures without messy glue, or permanent dentures for the greatest freedom.
  • Affordability: at half the cost of traditional implants, these implants definitely give you something to smile about!

Mini dental implants can restore your freedom to smile! Call us today at (502) 937-4930 for a free consultation