Who can Benefit from Mini-Implants?

Let’s talk about who is missing teeth first.

 Statistics show that over 240 million people in North America, Europe and Japan are missing at least one or more teeth. This is a world wide epidemic.

Sixty percent of those people are treated with conventional dentures right now and only 3% are being treated with the advancement of dental implants.

Even more shocking is as the baby boomers age; current research shows that within the year 2020 that almost 38 million adults in the US are unnecessarily going to need at least one or two complete dentures replacing all of the top or all of the bottom teeth, if not both.

I am going to show you today how these people won’t have to suffer the same fate as their parents and grandparents when it comes to options of replacing these teeth.

So let’s compare the general population to a healthy mouth.  In a healthy mouth there is between 32 teeth (counting wisdom teeth) and 28 teeth without wisdom teeth.

At age 50-54, on average this group is already lost 10 teeth.  That’s not counting those wisdom teeth I just mentioned.  And these 10 teeth are usually the important back teeth responsible for the workload of the mouth.
If you look at the average 60-64 year old only has 14.8 teeth, less than half of the teeth intended for their mouth.

It is very difficult for the mouth to do its job well with so few teeth at this point. Because of tooth loss, missing teeth causes decreased nutritional intake. Think of the body like a car and if the car is not functioning properly you’re not getting the most out of your fuel. If the teeth are not there and functioning to capacity we as humans are not getting the most out of our food, which is our fuel, and we aren’t getting full nutritional value.

People missing teeth lack key vitamins and minerals that are found in certain raw foods and nuts due to the ability just to chew them properly. Incomplete swallowing happens where you’re actually swallowing partially chewed food and not breaking it down completely for full nutritional value.  Just the frustration and difficulty in general of chewing happens also. 

The whole digestion process is involves muscles and comfort.  Severe gagging can result from the thick plastic denture causing not being able to taste the food and that’s not even mentioning being overwhelmed by that nasty denture adhesive.


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